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Architecturally Designed

Regardless of the style you want, or if you need a new build or renovation, we have a team of certified builders on standby to give you the best outcome and within budget. Whether you need a draftsman or architect involved, we will work together to make sure we get you the best possible results. We have a fantastic working relationship with all our sub tradesmen that ensures we deliver a stress-free project.

Bathroom and Kitchen

We will try our best to make this process as easy as possible for you. We will consider different styles that will compliment your home and help you find ideas you will love and that fit within your budget. Whether your style is sophisticated or quirky, we have qualified joiners and plumbers to get the job done to a high-quality standard. We utilise the best tradies to get your vision and design come to life.

Complete Project Management

If you don’t want the stress of the day-to-day project hassle, then this is something you should consider. We’ll make sure that we have a solid timeline in place to make sure your project runs on time and on budget. Any build comes with problems and surprises and can add stress that you don’t need. We are very good at problem solving and will keep you in the loop backed up with a solution. Communication is another area that can become grey. Having us as your project manager ensures all communication to all tradies involved is concise. It will prevent any confusion that may occur as a result of miss communication to different people. We will be your one point of contact and will take care of the rest.

Shop fit outs and light commercial

Whatever your requirements or plans are for your shop, we will work with you to make sure design spec is met within your budget. It’s a good idea to make us your project manager during this process. We take health and safety very seriously and take extra care where the public is concerned.

Native timber floor sanding & restoration

Not all floors are equal. Some floors might need repair and patches replaced. Other homes need a new floor. We take great care to match up the floor to ensure an even and consistent finish. We will work with you to create a floor finish that will match the rest of your home’s character and style. We use the best methods and products like Polyurethane, to make sure we leave your home with a great finished floor that lasts. Your floor will look as good as new and give your home a luxurious feeling. French door and timber joinery We work directly with The French Door Store where we can make top quality custom made French doors of any style and size. It doesn’t stop there. If you need your windows, internal, sliding or folding doors done, you are at the right place. Your doors will not only keep things true to character and create a consistent look throughout your home, but it will also keep you dry and cosy all year long. All our French doors come with either single or double glazed windows. The best yet? If you replace like-for-like, then you don’t need any permits.


A deck is a home’s sanctuary, and it’s where you gather with friends and family, relax and unwind. It’s a place to have a drink, share stories, laugh, daydream, listen to the birds, feel the breeze, enjoy the view and appreciate today. So it is important to get your new deck built right. Your deck will represent how you want it to serve you. So let your creativity flow. Your deck can add any creative flair to your home to your heart’s desire as long as it complies with the building code. We will be right behind you to make sure you dream deck comes to life. We use premium grade materials to ensure it withstands outdoor influences. Your deck will stand the test of time.

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